Prepaid Card Programs

Primax Prepaid Solutions: Tap Into The Power

More than a ‘gift card,’ Primax Prepaid Cards offer powerful customization possibilities - and allow you to create a strong business tool that can reduce costs, boost sales, strengthen loyalty, better manage inventory, engage and reward employees and customers, and even help you gain consumer insights! Primax partners with you to build a prepaid card solution that perfectly suits your needs - and backs it with the expertise and unparalleled support to make your card program a success for both you and your cardholders.

Primax prepaid cards are the result of collaborative efforts with the major card networks and others to bring you a leading-edge product with exceptional flexibility. The Primax prepaid product platform allows you to customize as little or as much as you want about your card program, and even enables you to choose where your card can be spent. Choose from an off-the-shelf product or configure a custom solution. It’s up to you.  

  • Universal Acceptance Cards
    With Universal Acceptance your card can be spent anywhere. This option is perfect for consumer promotions, cash management, wellness incentives and more.

  • Selective Acceptance Cards
    With Selective Acceptance you can pick and choose the merchants that will accept your card and can create a unique product or choose from a prebuilt theme such as 'dining.'

We know you work under many constraints including time, budget, people power and resources. We supply the expertise you need to first configure your prepaid solution and then to support your program. Our experts make sure your data, funds and reputation are safe.

Get everything you need for a great prepaid solution in one place - from Primax.