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Drive more sales and build brand loyalty.

With Primax’s in-house charge card programs, your old, hand-written charge slips will be replaced by a new, fully automated electronic payment system that customers can use via a custom branded charge card. This system will streamline your account receivables and make it easy and convenient for your best customers to do business with you.

Grow your revenue and reduce your costs with an In-House Charge Card Program.

Customers will have more incentives to do business with you with an in-house charge program. You’ll have the ability to customize program details, including credit policy, pricing, and design of the card itself. You also determine the finance options, exclusive offers, and the loyalty reward points that you want to offer. And as always, Primax is here to help you get started and assist you in whatever way you need, including project management, education, and business analysis.

Primax’s in-house charge card programs…

  • Integrate with your POS.
  • Eliminate the need to process paper sales slips.
  • Reduce deliquency.
  • Automate back office handling.
  • Eliminate credit card processing costs.