Commercial Card Programs

Attract and retain valued business customers while you tap into a profitable revenue stream

Card experts counsel that one of the most important card products a financial institution can offer is a business card for its business customers. Business cards are an opportunity to both strengthen your commercial customer relationships and tap into a profitable new revenue stream. Business card interchange income earned by your financial institution is approximately 33% higher than on a consumer card program. With Primax, your financial institution is able to offer the highest quality commercial card programs that address the needs and goals of your business customers, including globally compliant EMV® chip cards - so that your customers who travel abroad have the card they want and need.

Types of commercial cards available:

  • Corporate - Corporate cards are issued to a corporate business for travel and entertainment expenses incurred by their employees. Individual card limits can be set.
  • Purchasing - Purchasing cards are intended to help corporations reduce cost associated with authorization, tracking, payment and reconciliation of purchases. Transaction processing can include itemization of purchases. This card works to eliminate paper purchase orders.
  • Business - Business cards allow your customers to manage business expenditures, set card limits for employees, and access consolidated reporting.

Primax has the options you want for a commercial card program that meets your needs.

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