Convert Your Program

Achieve profitability with the right credit card program supplier.

Are you looking to convert a card program from your current vendor? At Primax we are dedicated to providing guidance and support during the transition process. Whether you opt for a traditional program, which you manage, or choose from a variety of outsourcing options available through Primax, we collaborate with your staff to ensure a streamlined process, a strong on-going partnership, and a successful outcome.

At Primax we use structured project management processes to insure a high degree of conversion quality; conversions are an appropriate time to update and upgrade your card program, including adding EMV®-chip functionality. Resources needed at FI for conversion are less than one might think, contact us to learn how we can convert your current program efficiently.

Primax is known for its flexibility. We assist issuers in developing and adapting programs and strategies to create their unique win/win environment. Primax offers these flexible options:

The Advantage Program: A simplified, bundled pricing and complete back-office outsourcing concept (click below for details).

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AdvantageCHOICE Program: A more traditional approach of using elemental pricing and a la carte back-office operations assistance (click below for details).

Learn More About The AdvantageCHOICE Program

For further information Contact Primax or call (855) 794-2601 toll free.

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