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Whether your financial institution is looking to start a card program for the first time or wants to re-enter the credit card business, Primax can help.

Primax is known for its flexibility. We assist issuers in developing and adapting programs and strategies to create their unique win/win environment.

Primax offers these flexible options:

The Advantage Program: A simplified, bundled pricing and complete back-office outsourcing concept.

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AdvantageCHOICE Program: A more traditional approach of using elemental pricing and a la carte back-office operations assistance.

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With Primax's expertise and resources you are able to control your card program – at the level you want. Primax works with you to design precisely the program that fits your unique needs. You have the flexibility to outsource as few or as many support services as you want. Let Primax help you make credit card services an integral part of your relationships with your most important customers.

Right from the beginning Primax is here to help. We start by providing a custom pro forma to show how you can expect your program to perform over time. We will also do an analysis of your competitive environment, so that your program is well-position and attractive to prospective cardholders. Later, Primax Risk Management Specialists help you to develop customized fraud strategies, while your dedicated Primax Account Manager assists you to develop and grow your programs. As always, our U.S.-based support staff is available 24/365 to assist with any aspects of your program that you out-source to us.

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