Merchant Acquirer Programs

Develop highly profitable merchant relationships.

A merchant acquiring program is a program in which the financial institution owns the MasterCard/Visa processing contract with the merchant. Primax can show you how to develop your merchant acquiring program into a profitable and dynamic component of your product offerings. The result is an efficient, easy-to-manage, well-rounded set of offerings. Merchant acquirer programs expand and enhance services via state-of-the-art technology and processing options. A merchant acquiring program helps you attract, retain and strengthen your business customer relationships. Most importantly the program also helps you to increase non-interest income. Merchant acquiring can be an integral part of your relationship with your most important business customers.

With an acquiring program your financial institution takes control - taking ownership of the merchant processing agreement with each business. The acquiring option holds your institution fully liable for all potential losses. Primax can provide full operations management functions to run and maintain your merchant program. Your financial institution can decide which functions to perform in-house versus those it wants to outsource. For example, you may opt to outsource operational functions, such as chargebacks and retrievals, while continuing to internally provide help desk and equipment support to your merchants.


  • Processor system support and education
  • Risk management support
    • Merchant activity monitoring
    • Chargeback processing
    • Compliance management
  • A la carte operations management services
  • Ongoing training and support
    • Processor system
    • Underwriting
    • Risk management
    • Pricing
    • Marketing
    • Profitability
    • Interchange options
  • No-risk referral plan through our exclusive trusted partner program

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