Private Label Card Programs

Tap into the Benefits of a Private Label Card Program For Your Business.

With Primax's Private Label Card Program you benefit from increased control over customer payments - and any business can tap into this advantage! If you currently extend credit to your customers, or want to, you can offer a special purpose private label credit card for use exclusively at your business. Important reasons to consider a private label credit card program include:

  • As a result of ownership of the receivables, you have 100% control of the underwiriting and pricing
  • You can create unique concepts that encourage customer loyalty
  • You can reduce the fees you ordinarily pay to MasterCard/Visa
  • Extend your branding into customized statements, plastics, and point-of-sale materials, etc.
  • Take control of your point-of-sale system


How It Works

To set up your private label card program Primax uses the same data processing systems as for bank credit cards; this enables Primax to merge your credit card and private label data, and authorize all transactions from a single point-of-sale terminal. The private label card difference is that these transactions occur in a 'closed loop' and are designed to increase sales and enhance customer loyalty, rather than focusing on the credit feature as a profit center.

With a private label program you fund and own the receivables, but pay no discount fee as is done with bank credit card acceptance. Additionally, you determine the program rules and requirements including underwriting and pricing. For example, you decide if a card's magnetic stripe must be swiped or if a plastic must be present at the time of purchase. The requirements are completely up to you! Primax helps you design your program and determine its rules and parameters. With a private label card program you have the flexibility to manage whatever aspects of program you want, while outsourcing the others!

  • For dealers: Primax provides extensive expertise in working with different types of dealer networks.
  • For retail: Primax designs and develops custom private label programs for your loyal customers.
  • For corporate: Primax can develop highly customized and  specialized purchasing card programs.


Retail Program

A business-to-consumer model that enables your business to extend credit to consumers for the purchase of goods and services via an automated billing system.

Corporate Program

A business-to-business model that enables your business to extend credit to commercial/business customers for the purchase of goods and services via an automated billing system.

Benefits and Features

  • Increase sales
  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Custom design your program
  • Promote and expand your brand
  • Comprehensive operations support including call center and collection services and file maintenance
  • Marketing support, cash back and points programs, as well as introductory promotions


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