AdvantageCHOICE Program

A more traditional approach to issuing consisting of elemental pricing* with a la carte back-office operations support.

Primax’s AdvantageCHOICE Program for Credit Card Issuing

Numerous financial institutions use the traditional credit card issuing model in which the financial institution contracts with a vendor to provide processing services and performs all, or many, of the operational functions internally. Primax supports this model with processing and operational services on an a la carte basis. Each of these services is customizable to meet your specific requirements.

Operational services 

  • Cardholder Service 
  • Collections 
  • Cardholder File Maintenance 
  • FDR System Support 
  • Chargebacks 
  • Fraud Monitoring 
  • Elemental pricing means each element of a process is priced separately. For example, the process of preparing a cardholder plastic consists of several steps or ‘elements’ (each element is specified by an element number for pricing purposes). The individual elements of preparing a cardholder plastic include: the plastic, embossing, encoding, tipping, plastic preparation, envelope, disclosure, card carrier, postage, etc.  Each is element is priced separately.