Primax helps you gain the competitive advantage you need to prosper in today’s grocery industry.

Primax helps grocers reduce operating costs and create positive shopping experiences that attract new customers and keep them coming back.

Primax’s In-house Charge Card Programs…

Streamline accounts receivables and improve expense controls.

With Primax’s In-house Charge Card Program you have your own brand of charge card for use in your store. The program helps eliminate your paper voucher system and automate and update accounts receivables.  You fund the receivables and set card program rules and requirements including underwriting and pricing. You also determine the finance options, exclusive offers and loyalty reward point programs you want to offer! Primax is ready to help you get started and assist wherever you need help including with project management, education and pro formas.

  • Integrate with your current Point of Sale (POS) system
  • Eliminate the need to issue & process paper vouchers at  store locations
  • Reduce customer service & back office tasks now performed by store personnel
  • Eliminate the need to mail paper documentation to headquarters
  • Save corporate accounts receivable personnel time & effort
  • Make it easy & convenient for people to do business with you!

Primax’s Robust Prepaid Solutions

Now you can provide effective, affordable rewards and incentives to your employees, customers and prospective customers.
Use prepaid cards to differentiate your grocery business in the marketplace. Prepaid cards can be used for rewards and recognition, wellness, sales incentives and consumer promotions. With Primax’s prepaid solutions you choose from a robust selection of prepaid cards that set you apart from the competition!
* Note: Prepaid cards cannot be used at ATMs or sold to consumers.

Top Tier Merchant Services

Primax connects your grocery establishment with Merchant Services dedicated to

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Pricing that makes sense
  • Data security solutions and expertise
  • Extensive processing capabilities to interface with most major POS systems

Primax Gift Cards Solutions

Tap into the benefits Primax Gift Card Programs offer both you and your gift card holders.  
Primax gift card programs not only attract and retain loyal customers for your grocery store, they also improve cash flow. Because gift cards are pre-paid you have access to the funds they generate from the moment of purchase. Additionally, rather than cash refunds, you can provide gift card refunds – preventing money spent in your business from leaving your business.  Having your gift cards readily available and visible promotes impulse buying. And, after purchase these cards serve as free advertising  – reminding cardholders of your business every time they see your card.  In addition, gift card recipients often spend more than the value of the card and, because gift cards are convenient, time-saving, and practical and allow the recipient to purchase exactly what they want, consumers often prefer to purchase gift cards over goods or services.  
Primax gift card options range from prepackaged to custom - so you can choose the program that’s right for you.