Why Primax?

A partner with proven experience and expertise in the card payments industry.

In addition to our highly accessible senior management team, who have close to 80 years of proven experience and expertise in the card payments industry, you will not find a staff that is more capable or willing to assist you on an on-going basis. Primax is committed to helping you grow, prosper, address every challenge, and take advantage of every opportunity your card program has to offer.

  • Over 30 years of experience in the payments card industry bolsterd by a unique, responsive approach to working with each client in a collaborative, partner-type environment.
  • Staff and management who provide unmatched support and expertise and who are 100% dedicated to ensuring your success in addressing the unique challenges and opportunities within the industry.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit - always open to new concepts and opportunities to assist clients to prosper - and Project Services staff available to assist in new product implementations
  • Full in-house management and operations
  • Unique bundled pricing with premier level outsourcing of day-to-day back office services including 24x365 cardholder customer service
  • Access to the world's largest, most dynamic and sophisticated credit card processing system: First Data Corporation
  • Primax passes on 100% of interchange income to you!

For more information email inquiry@primax.us or call toll free (855) 794-2601