Program Options

Traditional or customized – the program choice is yours

Just as our products and services are highly flexible, so, too are our programs. You control which program elements you want to manage and those you want the Primax team to handle. A few options appear below.

Traditional Programs

Card Issuing Program

  • You control and own the credit card portfolio
  • Primax provides the processing services through our partner First Data
  • Primax can help manage your operational needs on an a la carte basis, customized to meet your institution’s needs.  These include:
    • Collections
    • Chargebacks
    • Fraud monitoring
    • After hours support
    • And more

Acquiring Program

  • You take ownership of the merchant processing agreement with each business customer
  • You decide what operational functions you would like to manage in-house or outsource including:
    • Chargebacks
    • POS terminal support
    • Risk management
    • After hours support

Outsourced Programs

Issuers who want to own their credit card portfolio can do so while completely outsourcing day-to-day operational functions.

  • The Advantage Program for credit card issuing
  • The Advantage Choice credit card issuing program

Customized Programs
Traditional issuer and acquirer programs are customizable, as needed.