Rewards Programs

Build loyalty with Primax’s Rewards Programs
Rewards programs have become a standard offering many cardholders want and expect. However, with some other provider's programs there may be restrictions, limited selections or other impediments. Primax’s programs are different. We offer your cardholders a wide array of reward options from travel to name-brand merchandise and gift cards from major retailers. ConnectUP Rewards provides incentives that make sense to your cardholders and help cement relationship with your customers. Payment card issuers can also get creative and design their own program to best suit their financial institution and customers.
  • Easy set-up
  • 24/365 customer service
  • Full-featured web-based marketing services
  • Custom programs available
Cash Back Rewards program
  • 1% rebate on all merchandise minus returns.
  • Rebates post annually in the form of a credit on the credit card statement.

ConnectUP Rewards program
  • Cardholders earn points by making purchases with their cards
  • Any banking product, including credit and debit cards, can be included
  • Merchant-funded rewards
  • Name-brand merchandise rewards with high perceived value: RCA, Nikon, Wilson Sports, major retailer gift cards, and more
  • Travel rewards apply to any airline, cruise line, hotel or car rental, through any travel agency, travel website, or direct with airlines – with no blackout periods, stay requirements, or advance purchase restrictions
  • Downloadable tunes, videos, and ring tones
…and you get all this at lower costs than many competing programs!
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