Debit Card Programs

There is a better way to manage your debit card program business

Primax has the flexible, comprehensive debit solution you need to save time, improve efficiency, and reduce back-office responsibilities.

The rapid growth of debit card usage over the past years shows that your customers expect the convenience and ease of this payment method. Primax lets you choose from a full range of debit card program features that satisfy your customers while generating revenue and reducing expenses for you. When your cardholders demand more from their debit cards, Primax can help. We offer customizable cards, flexible processing platforms, and loyalty programs that align your product with customer needs. Plus, we provide reliable, 24/365 customer support with disaster recovery services, when contracted. Best of all, because Primax has access to low group rates, we are able to offer debit card services at very competitive prices.

  • Processing for PIN-secured, signature debit and contactless cards
  • Complete risk management product set with the Falcon risk management system that includes fraud detection and monitoring
  • Easy to use point-and-click interface to processing systems
  • Chargeback processing
  • Single-point authorization system functionality & feature-rich product set
  • 24-hour cardholder access to account information via the web, IVR or live operator
  • A robust rewards program custom designed for you
  • Competitive debit card pricing
  • Professional and customizable card design and printing to solidify your brand or your customer's self-image
  • Disaster recovery services including handling customer service calls, chargeback processing, access settlement information, review daily reports, etc.


Primax is known for its flexibility. We assist in developing and adapting programs and strategies to create the unique win/win environment that is right for you. For further information Contact Primax or call (855) 794-2601 toll free.