Credit card enables strengthened relationships with local customers as top preferred method of payment
*Source: Lightspeed FSG Primary Card Selection Study July 2018

When Making Everyday Purchases

When Purchasing Big Ticket Items

When Making online/in-app Purchases

Market Segments

A Segment at the earliest stages of credit

  • Thin file or FICO < 660
  • Credit Education oriented
  • Students or lower income < $24k

Non-Premium Card Products

A Segment focused on access to revolving credit

  • Lendable FICO between 660 and 720
  • Lower income < $50k
  • Graduation from new to credit

Non-Premium Card Products

An affluent segment which is less rate sensitive

  • Lendable FICO >720 +
  • Higher incomes up to $100k
  • Transactors seeking relevant rewards

Premium Card Products

A highly affluent segment able to drive significant transaction volume

  • Lendable FICO >720 +
  • Higher incomes > $100k
  • Transactors seeking premium rewards

Premium Card Products

Program Features



  • Designed for those new to credit
  • Thin or no credit bureau file
  • Youth or credit education tool
  • Typically annual membership fee based income based

Low Rate

Low Rate

  • Designed for those with more borrowing needs
  • Most appealing for less affluent households with incomes between $25k and $49k
  • Usually associated with subprime and near prime FICO scores below 680
  • Typically interest income based

Cash Back

Cash Back

  • Designed for those seeking the most fungible rewards
  • Appealing to more affluent households with incomes > $50k
  • Usually associated with less risky FICO scores at 720+
  • Typically interchange income based



  • Designed for those seeking material rewards or experiences
  • Appealing to more affluent households with incomes >$50k
  • Usually associated with less risky FICO scores at 720+
  • Typically interchange income but also some with annual memberships fees

Premium Products

Premium Products

  • Designed for those seeking exceptional service, travel benefits and broad reward options including high end experiences
  • Appealing to those who are highly affluent with household incomes >$100k and/or assets >$500k
  • Usually associated with the least risky FICO bands above 720
  • Typically interchange income along with some annual membership fees

Card Products


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Benefits of Primax Issuing Solutions

Primax helps growing banks and credit unions evaluate their options. Our clients can take advantage of Primax’s unique flexibility to design a customized program to best suit their needs. With Primax, you may opt to offer a traditional program, in which you administer the program, or to outsource as many or as few of the program’s back-office services as you desire. It’s up to you!

  • Fully customizable

  • Ongoing service and support

  • Industry expertise

  • Robust processing systems

  • Highly competitive pricing

  • Wide range of card products

  • Ease of transition

  • Over 30 years of experience

  • Unique bundled pricing


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