Debit Card Programs

Primax lets you choose from a full range of debit card program features that satisfy your customers while generating revenue and reducing expenses for you.

We offer customizable cards, flexible processing platforms and a robust loyalty program that aligns your product to your customer needs

  • Pin Secured – Chip and PIN for Online Payments

  • Signature – for Offline and Card Not Present Payments

  • Contactless – Tap and Pay for Quick Point of Sale Offline Payments

Private Label Card Programs

Tap into the Benefits of a Private Label Card Program for Your Business.

Primax lets you offer a special purpose private label credit card for use exclusively at your business. Primax leverages the same data processing systems but maintains your ‘closed-loop’ transactions so you can own and fund the receivables without discount fees.

  • For Dealers – Dealer Networks

  • For Retail – Loyal Customers

  • For Corporate – Specialized Purchasing Card Programs

Benefits of Primax Card Programs

Primax helping community banks effectively compete and grow in the Commercial card space.  Our partners can take advantage of a full suite of business sector solutions designed to support their client’s needs.  FI’s can also leverage all the associated tools that empower their client’s results.

  • Fully customizable

  • Ongoing service and support

  • Over 30 years of industry experience

  • Robust processing systems

  • Competitive and unique pricing

  • Wide range of card products

  • Supplier enablement support

  • Portfolio administrator controls

  • Virtual card solutions


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