Credit Questions & Answers

Why should my financial institution become an issuer?
Most financial institutions looking to become issuers want to gain more control over their credit card program. The biggest obstacle then becomes having the appropriate internal staff and process to manage the program. As an issuer with Primax you get can have both. With Primax you control your own credit limits, underwriting and pricing and also have knowledgeable support from industry experts at Primax.

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My current credit card vendor is unresponsive; I feel our program is too small for their attention. What level of support can I expect from Primax?
Primax takes pride in the support we provide every client. Not only do we provide resolution of processing problems which arise, but more importantly, we assign an account manager to understand your business strategies and help you develop and implement tactics, products and services to achieve your goals.

We are a small community financial institution. How can our credit card program compete with regional and national credit card programs?
It is a misconception that small community financial institutions are not able to offer a competitive card program. Primax’s processing and operation costs keep your expenses in check, while our product set and technology solutions allow you to provide virtually the same products as larger issuers.

We don’t offer credit cards. How can I make credit cards a profitable part of our portfolio?
Credit cards are generally the most profitable product a financial institution can offer; Primax can show you how to design your program and set pricing to achieve above average ROAs.

I’m not sure if our credit card program is profitable and I’m struggling with the internal resources to support our cardholders. Can Primax help me decide the future of my program?
Yes. Primax can show you how to analyze your program's profitability, products and operations, and provide recommendations for improvement.